Soybean meal

Soybean meal is the most important source of protein used to feed farm animals. Its nutritional value is unmatched by any other source of vegetable protein, and it is a standard by which other protein sources are compared. Soybean meal is the product of the basic ration of all kinds of farm animals and birds.

Advantages: soy protein is well absorbed by the body and has biological value. The high energy value and protein in the meal make it possible to make high-protein and high-energy diets without the use of expensive fats. The inclusion of soybean meal in the diet of real cows (1-2 kg per head per day) increases the hope by 1.5-2.0 liters. Lying of chickens increases by 22-30%, in pigs - by 5%, and the increase in live weight of broilers and pigs increased by 25-30% than in the usual feeding.

Soybean meal produced by our company meets the requirements of DSTU 4964: 2008 (soybean meal cake).


Type of packaging - bulk or big bags

Name of ParametersMeasurement Data
Color Natural, from yellow to light brown. The presence of particles of a darker color is not a missing factor.
Odour Characteristic to the product
Moisture, % 7-8
Protein content (in DS) , % not less than 42-47
The activity of urease 0,12
Mass fraction of fiber,% 5-7
Mass fraction of fat,% 5-8