Inactive dry fodder yeast rised on DDGS

Inactive dry fodder yeast rised on DDGS, produced by a microbiological synthesis of the by-product of the alcohol industry - the DDGS.

Advantages: fodder yeast has high ecological purity and perfect compatibility with all biological processes of living organisms: birds, fish and animals. In addition to the high nutritional value and digestibility of feed alcohol yeast, their introduction into the feed of farm animals contributes to better absorption of other components of food. It is also known that yeast cell walls are good natural absorbent.

Therefore, the use of feed alcohol yeast as a feed additive can significantly increase feed efficiency and ensure high animal growth, which will increase the profitability of your enterprise.


Name of ParametersCharacteristics and normsMeasurement Data
Appearance Free-flowing powder Corresponds to
Color From light yellow to or dark grey or brown Corresponds to
Odour Characteristic to the product Corresponds to
Moisture, % not more than 12,0 7,9
Protein content (in DS) , % not less than 39,0 46,4
Metallomagnetic admixture of the small parts up to 2 mm in 1 kg of yeast, mg, not more than < 20 < 20
Toxicity Not allowed Not found

Radionuclides content: Bq/kg, not more than
- caesium-137
- strontium-90



Pathogenic microflora availability:
- enteropathogenic types of colon bacillus   in 1 g
- salmonella in 25 g

Not allowed Not found